Geo-Drill Wireline-Coring Water well drilling

Wireline Coring

Wireline Coring

Geo-Drill also specialises in Geobore S wireline coring. This highly versatile system is primarily used to core superficial deposits and weak formations producing 102mm cores.

Geobore S is particularly effective when high quality cores are required in clay, sand or loose⁄weak formations. When used by suitably trained staff it can be used to obtain high quality cores in a wide range of geological conditions.

The inner tube assembly latches inside the outer core barrel is lifted to the surface by a retrieval device connected to a wireline cable. The wireline retrieval method greatly improves production rates compared to conventional coring method but also leaves the borehole fully cased at all times ensuring borehole stability in sensitive geology.

Geobore S can be used with a wide range of flushing methods and bit types to improve core quality and penetration rates:

Method 1: As standard for coring medium to hard formations. All bit types can be used depending on geology.

Method 2: For coring in soft to very soft formations .Mainly TC-set bits are used and the bit consists of two parts – pilot and reamer.

Method 3: For coring in very soft or loose formations. The bits are as method 2 but the core lifter case is extended to run 25mm in front of the bit.

Method 4: Full hole drilling assembly, this is an attachment that replaces the inner tube for non coring purposes.

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