Geo-Drill Borehole Drilling

Geo-Drill Drills and Installs Gas & Water Monitoring Boreholes⁄Wells

A monitoring well is best described as a Borehole (BH) Installation, installed to obtain samples or monitor gas⁄water levels within the ground.

All rigs are equipped to drill Gas⁄Water monitoring wells. These well can be drilled to provide single or multi-level monitoring⁄sampling point at a site location. The wells can be drilled using a wide range of drilling method depending on required depth, diameter, ground conditions and site specific requirements.

A variety of installation materials can be supplied inclusing PE, PVC, Steel, Stainless Steel and others.

Geo-Drill can offer advice on which methods would be best suited for site specific ground conditions or requirements. To see how we could help you, contact us.