Geothermal borehole drilling

What is Geothermal Energy?
Geo-Drill, specialists in Geothermal Drilling and Site Investigation, explain...

Geothermal Energy is energy obtained from heat that is withdrawn from the Earth.

As the temperature beneath the Earth’s crust remains fairly constant throughout the year, geothermal energy can be gained by simply tapping into this endless and affordable source, providing an environmentally friendly heating and cooling system

Green Energy

Geothermal Systems are amongst the most environmentally-friendly (eco-friendly) ways of providing energy in use today. Once installed a Geothermal System will emit zero emissions, providing green energy and is very effective in the fight to minimise global warming, making this renewable energy source far more attractive than commonly used fossil fuels.

By using the Earth’s renewable energy source Geothermal Systems can see returns of up to 400% efficiency when compared to more commonly used systems.

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