Geo-Drill Borehole Drilling Tight Working Conditions Tight Working Conditions

Completed Projects
A handful of closed-loop projects that Geo Drill has been involved in

Geothermal Drilling Projects

  • South Camden Community School, London, 56 No boreholes (BH's) to 150mbgl
  • De Montfort University, Leicester, 60 No BH's to 100mbgl
  • St Mary University College, Twickenham, 48 No BH's to 100mbgl
  • St Bedes School, Hailsham, 36 No BH's to 100mbgl
  • ExCel, London Docklands, 26 No BHs to 150mbgl
  • Royal Opera House, London, 16 No BH's to 132mbgl
  • Perth Fire Station, Scotland, 16 No BH's to 100mgbl
  • Fermoy Road, Paddington, 12 No BH's to 130mbgl
  • Frimley, 7No BH's to 150mbgl
  • Finsbury Square, London, 1 No Test BH's to 130mbgl
  • University of Portsmouth, 1 No Test BH to 150m

Tight Working Conditions

These pictures demonstrate the tight working conditions of some of the projects Geo-Drill have completed.

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